Who is Sailor Cosmos

    Sailor Cosmos is the future incarnation of Sailor Moon. She is first seen in the manga series “Sailor Moon Crystal.” In the year 2977, she comes to Earth to warn Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians about a great threat that will destroy all life in the universe.

    Sailor Cosmos is the future incarnation of Sailor Moon, and the most powerful Sailor Scout in the universe. She is kind and wise, and her power is legendary. She has come to our time to help us fight against the forces of evil, and to protect us from harm.

    Who is Sailor Cosmos


    Is Sailor Moon And Sailor Cosmos the Same Person?

    Sailor Moon and Sailor Cosmos are not the same person. While they may share some similarities, there are also key differences between them. For one, Sailor Moon is from the future, while Sailor Cosmos is from an alternate dimension.

    Additionally, their powers and abilities are different – while Sailor Moon has access to the Silver Crystal, Sailor Cosmos does not. Finally, their appearances are also different – while Sailor Moon has long hair, Sailor Cosmos has short hair. So while they may be similar in some ways, they are ultimately two very different people.

    Who is Sailor Cosmos in the Anime?

    In the Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Cosmos is the future incarnation of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon). She is shown as a weary and tired woman, who has fought in countless wars against evil. She is also shown to be very powerful, as she is able to defeat Chaos with little effort.

    How Did Sailor Moon Become Sailor Cosmos?

    In the manga series Sailor Moon, Sailor Cosmos is the future incarnation of Sailor Moon. She first appears in the “Stars” arc, which takes place in the 30th century. In this arc, it is revealed that Sailor Cosmos is a being of great power who has been fighting against an evil force called Chaos for a very long time.

    It is also revealed that she was once friends with Sailor Galaxia, another powerful sailor senshi. In the “Dream” arc, which takes place in the present day, it is revealed that Sailor Cosmos was once again reincarnated as Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon’s civilian name). However, due to the influence of Chaos, she lost her memories of her previous life and became corrupted.

    As a result, she began attacking other sailors and trying to kill them. eventually comes back to her senses and realizes what she’s doing is wrong. She then uses her powerful abilities to seal away Chaos forever.

    Afterward, she returns to her own time period and resumes her fight against evil.

    Is Sailor Cosmos the Strongest?

    There is no one definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors. Some people might say that Sailor Cosmos is the strongest because she has access to the power of Chaos and can harness its destructive potential. Others might argue that Sailor Galaxia is stronger because she was able to defeat Chaos and take its power for herself.

    Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of opinion.

    Who is Sailor Cosmos from Sailor Moon

    Sailor Cosmos Wiki

    Sailor Cosmos is the Sailor Guardian of Infinity, and the future incarnation of Usagi Tsukino. She is one of the most powerful Sailor Guardians, and her power is said to be infinite. Her mission is to protect the universe from chaos and destruction, and she will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

    She is a kind and compassionate leader, but she can also be fierce and determined when necessary. Her strength lies in her ability to see the good in people, even when they are lost in darkness. She knows that there is always hope, no matter how dire the situation may seem.

    How Strong is Sailor Cosmos

    Sailor Cosmos is the future incarnation of Sailor Moon, and is considered to be one of the most powerful Sailors in the entire series. She first appears in the manga’s final arc, and is shown to be a much more mature and serious character than her previous incarnations. Her true identity is Usagi Tsukino, but she has forgotten her past due to the trauma of fighting against Chaos.

    In terms of raw power, Sailor Cosmos is incredibly strong. She was able to defeat Chaos with relative ease, despite being vastly outnumbered and outgunned. Additionally, she was able to fight on par with Sailor Saturn, who is considered to be one of the strongest Sailors in existence.

    However, it should be noted that Sailor Cosmos was only able to defeat Chaos because she was willing to sacrifice herself; had she not been willing to do so, it’s likely that Chaos would have eventually won. While her strength is undeniable, it’s important to remember that Sailor Cosmos is still just a normal human being. She doesn’t have any supernatural powers or abilities; everything she can do comes from within herself.

    This makes her an inspiration to everyone who meets her, as she proves that even regular people can accomplish great things if they set their mind to it.

    Is Sailor Cosmos Neo Queen Serenity

    Sailor Cosmos is the future incarnation of Sailor Moon, who appeared in the manga series Sailor Moon Crystal. In the year 3014, she is the ruler of the Solar System and has taken on the name Neo Queen Serenity. She is married to King Endymion and they have a daughter, Small Lady Serenity.

    Sailor Cosmos is one of the most powerful characters in the Sailor Moon universe. Her power rivals that of Sailor Galaxia, whose own strength was enough to defeat all four Inner Guardians and Outer Guardians combined. In fact, it was only through working together that Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Galaxia were able to defeat Chaos.

    Interestingly, while her power as Neo Queen Serenity is immense, she sometimes chooses not to use it in order to protect those she loves. For example, during a battle with a youma named Zoisite, she purposely let herself be injured so that Zoisite would spare Small Lady’s life. While her decision-making isn’t always perfect (such as when she decided to banish Mamoru from their world), overall Sailor Cosmos seems to be a wise and just queen who truly cares for her people and wants what’s best for them – even if it means making sacrifices herself.

    Sailor Cosmos Manga

    Sailor Cosmos is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. The series was serialized in Nakayoshi from December 1996 to February 1997, and published in three tankōbon volumes by Kodansha from March to May 1997. The story of Sailor Cosmos is set in the future, where Sailor Moon has retired from fighting evil.

    She is now living a peaceful life with her husband Tuxedo Mask, but she is occasionally called upon to fight when evil threatens the world. The manga focuses on her relationships with her family and friends, as well as her duties as a Sailor Guardian. Sailor Cosmos has been praised for its innovative art style and beautiful storytelling.

    It is considered one of the best works by Naoko Takeuchi, and has been ranked among the all-time greatest manga series by several publications.


    Sailor Cosmos is a Sailor Scout from the future who came back in time to warn Sailor Moon and the other Scouts about a great threat. She is very powerful and has knowledge of things that haven’t happened yet.

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