What Episode Does Naruto Start Learning Sage Mode

    Sage Mode is a special ability that Naruto Uzumaki learns in order to access the full power of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Sage Mode allows Naruto to tap into the natural energy around him and use it to enhance his own physical and mental abilities. The downside to Sage Mode is that it takes a toll on Naruto’s body, and he can only maintain it for a limited amount of time.

    In order to achieve Sage Mode, Naruto must first train with Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin. Jiraiya teaches Naruto how to control his chakra and enter into a meditative state known as “toad sage mode.” Once Naruto has mastered this, he is able to enter into Sage Mode at will.

    There are only a handful of times when we see Naruto using Sage Mode in the anime, but each time is impressive nonetheless.

    In episode 144 of the anime, Naruto finally starts learning Sage Mode from the frog sage, Gamakichi. It’s a difficult process, but with some hard work and determination, Naruto is able to master it. This new power gives him the edge he needs to defeat his opponents and protect his friends.

    What Episode Does Naruto Start Learning Sage Mode


    What Episode Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

    In the anime, Naruto first learns Sage Mode in episode 143, during his battle with Orochimaru. In order to enter Sage Mode, Naruto must first gather natural energy from the environment and then channel it into himself. This is a difficult process that requires a great deal of concentration and control.

    Once he has gathered enough natural energy, Naruto’s body begins to emit a faint yellow glow. This is Sage Mode. Sage Mode greatly enhances all of Naruto’s physical and mental abilities.

    He becomes faster, stronger, more agile and more intelligent. His senses are also heightened, allowing him to react quickly to danger and anticipate his opponents’ moves. Additionally, Sage Mode allows Naruto to use powerful techniques that he would not be able to use otherwise.

    One of the most significant drawbacks of Sage Mode is that it takes a toll on the user’s body. The strain of gathering natural energy and maintaining control over it can be exhausting, and prolonged use can result in serious injury or even death. As such, Naruto only uses Sage Mode when absolutely necessary – usually when his opponent is too strong for him to defeat without it.

    How Long Did It Take Naruto to Learn Sage Mode?

    Sage Mode is an extremely powerful technique that allows the user to tap into the natural energy of the world. This mode greatly enhances all of the user’s abilities, including their strength, speed, and stamina. In order to enter Sage Mode, the user must first gather senjutsu chakra from nature.

    Once they have enough senjutsu chakra, they can enter Sage Mode by synchronizing their regular chakra with it. Naruto Uzumaki is one of the few people who have mastered Sage Mode. It took him many years of hard training to finally achieve this feat.

    He first began his training shortly after he became Hokage. Naruto spent a great deal of time meditating in order to gather senjutsu chakra. He also sought out the help of various sages, including Fukasaku and Jiraiya, in order to learn how to properly use Sage Mode.

    After years of training, Naruto was finally able to enter Sage Mode at will. He has since used this power to defeat some of the strongest opponents he has ever faced. With Sage Mode, Naruto is truly a force to be reckoned with!

    Did you know Naruto trains sage mode 3 times faster than Jiraiya? Pain attacks the leaf village Dub

    Who Teaches Naruto Sage Mode

    When it comes to learning Sage Mode, there is no one better than Naruto Uzumaki himself. After all, he is the only one who has successfully mastered this difficult technique. While other members of the Konoha 11 have tried and failed to learn Sage Mode, Naruto was able to do it with the help of his teacher, Jiraiya.

    There are a few things that set Naruto apart from the others when it comes to learning Sage Mode. First, he has incredible natural reserves of chakra. This allowed him to absorb more senjutsu chakra from nature without becoming overwhelmed by it like his teammates did.

    Second, Naruto has an unyielding determination and willpower. When he sets his mind to something, he will stop at nothing to achieve it. This helped him push through the pain and fatigue that came with training in Sage Mode.

    Lastly, Naruto has great respect for his teacher, Jiraiya. He was always eager to please and learn from the legendary Sannin. This made Jiraiya want to teach him everything he knew about Sage Mode, which ultimately led to Naruto’s success in mastering the technique.

    What Episode Does Naruto Learn Six Paths Sage Mode

    In episode 479 of the anime, Naruto finally learns the secret behind Six Paths Sage Mode – a powerful technique that allows him to tap into the power of the natural world. This mode is incredibly difficult to master, but with help from his friends and teacher Jiraiya, Naruto is finally able to succeed. With this new power, he becomes an even more formidable opponent against evil forces.

    What Episode Does Naruto Learn Baryon Mode

    In episode 463 of the anime Naruto, our protagonist learns a new technique called Baryon Mode. This powerful mode allows him to absorb massive amounts of chakra from his opponents and use it against them. It’s incredibly useful against strong foes like the Ten-Tails, but it comes at a great cost: using Baryon Mode drains Naruto’s life force, meaning that he can only sustain it for a short period of time before collapsing from exhaustion.

    What Episode Does Naruto Learn Rasenshuriken

    In episode 129 of the anime series Naruto, the titular character learns how to perform the Rasenshuriken technique. This powerful move is a wind-based attack that can cause serious damage to an opponent. Naruto first sees it used by his teacher Jiraiya, who tells him that only those with great chakra control can master it.

    After some training, Naruto is able to successfully use the Rasenshuriken on a group of enemy ninjas.


    In episode 135 of the anime series Naruto, the titular character begins to learn Sage Mode – a powerful technique that allows him to tap into the natural energy of the world around him. This enables Naruto to become much stronger and faster, as well as giving him access to new abilities such as enhanced senses and healing. The process of learning Sage Mode is long and difficult, but it ultimately proves incredibly rewarding for Naruto as he becomes one of the strongest ninja in the land.


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