What Episode Does Naruto Marry Hinata

    In the popular anime series “Naruto,” the title character and his friends go through many adventures together. One of the most memorable is when Naruto finally confesses his love for Hinata and they get married. This episode is very touching and fans of the show have been rooting for these two characters to get together since the beginning.

    Although their wedding isn’t traditional, it is clear that they are perfect for each other and everyone in attendance is happy for them.

    Naruto and Hinata's Wedding Day English Dub

    The moment Hinata Hyūga confesses her love to Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most iconic scenes in all of anime. It takes place in episode 220 of the original Naruto anime, during the Fourth Great Ninja War. After years of pining from afar, Hinata finally musters up the courage to tell Naruto how she feels.

    Unfortunately for her, Naruto is completely oblivious to her feelings and instead mistakes her confession as an expression of gratitude. He tells her that he’s glad she feels that way but says he can’t return her feelings because he’s already in love with someone else. Hinata is heartbroken but continues to fight alongside Naruto anyway.

    Her resolve pays off and eventually, Naruto comes to realize his own feelings for Hinata. The two get married in Boruto: Naruto the Movie and have a daughter named Himawari Uzumaki.

    What Episode Does Naruto Marry Hinata


    When Does Naruto Marry Hinata

    According to the Naruto timeline, Naruto married Hinata when they were both 23 years old. The wedding took place during the timeskip between Part I and Part II of the series.

    What Episode Does Naruto Marry Hinata

    In the anime, Naruto marries Hinata in episode 500. This is the final episode of the series. In the manga, they marry much earlier on, in chapter 699.

    Who Officiates Naruto And Hinata’S Wedding

    In Naruto, Hinata Hyūga and Naruto Uzumaki are wed by Shikamaru Nara. The wedding is a private affair with only their close friends and family in attendance.

    What is the Setting of Naruto And Hinata’S Wedding

    The setting of Naruto and Hinata’s wedding is in the village of Konohagakure. This is the hidden leaf village where Naruto Uzumaki grew up. He is now the Seventh Hokage, or leader, of the village.

    The wedding takes place outdoors in front of a large crowd of villagers and ninja.


    In the Naruto anime series, episode 453 is when the title character Naruto Uzumaki marries his longtime love Hinata Hyuga. The two had been dating for a while and finally tied the knot in a traditional ninja ceremony. Some of their friends and family were in attendance, including Hinata’s father Hiashi and her younger sister Hanabi.

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