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    Few people know the true story of Tokyo Revengers villain Kisaki. Hi is a ruthless mobster determined to take over the Tokyo Manji Gang and make it the largest criminal organization. Hi is also very manipulative regarding gaining power and reaching his goals. He will use any means necessary, including violence, to get what he wants. However, the series protagonist Hanagaki Takemichi is the one who manages to take him down and orders his death.

    This blog will take you on a thrilling journey through Kisaki’s character background, revealing all the juicy details you’ve been craving. So let’s get started – prepare to discover why everyone is talking about Tokyo Revengers series villain Kisaki Tetta!

    Tokyo Revengers Kisaki Death

    Tokyo Revengers Kisaki Death

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    Takemichi didn’t want to commit murder, but things got out of control when Kisaki died in a car accident. After Kisaki’s death, Takemichi became consumed with rage and vowed to kill anyone who got in his way. He started associating with criminals and soon began plotting murders. Things went wrong when he finally found someone he wanted to take out – a rival gang member. The rival gang member survived the attack and took vengeance on Takemichi by murdering all of his friends one by one.

    Kisaki Voice Actor

    Nicolas Roye and Shōtaro Morikubo are the English and Japanese dub voices of Tetta Kisaki, respectively, in Tokyo Revengers.

    Nicolas Roye has been involved with dubbing Japanese anime for twenty years. He has been a fan of Japanese animation since the early 1990s. Since 2015, he has been a casting and dialogue director and one of the lead English voice actors for Funimation.

    On the other hand, Shōtaro Morikubo is a Japanese voice actor and singer. He has also been part of many stage plays, radio shows, and video games. He is best known for voicing Shikamaru Nara from the Naruto franchise and Masato Hijirikawa from the Uta no Prince-Sama franchise.

    Kisaki and Hina

    Kisaki was intelligent as a child, which caused him to succeed in middle school and get good grades. As a result, other children bullied and isolated him. This led to Kisaki being extremely lonely and depressed. Tachibana Hinata was the only person at work who treated Kiseki with respect. Kisaki gradually fell in love with Hinata for her kindness.

    Kisaki was self-conscious about his weight. When eating in front of others, he would limit how much food he would consume because he worried about how others would see him. However, this behavior was noticed by Hinata, who encouraged him to eat more. At home, he would eat large amounts of food so he would not have to be embarrassed in front of Hinata. Kiseki was overjoyed when he realized Hinata wanted him to eat more because she cared about him and not because she wanted him to be thinner.

    Tetta kisaki time travel

    Tokyo Revengers Villain - Kisaki Tetta

    The manga Confirmed that Kisaki is not a time leaper opens up new possibilities for the story. Takemichi, who might have this ability, could be important in unraveling the mystery. The theory that the Time Leap Machine is a future version of Takemichi was gaining traction in the community, but more revelations came in the latest chapter.

    Chapter 179 of the manga reveals that the Time Leap Machine operates without mallets. The mallets were elements that Takemichi had to utilize to focus his power readied for time leaping. The machine was presented before Takemichi in the present time. At that moment, it looked just like a mallet quickly being used with some sparks.

    The theory that Takemichi is First is true, but there is still more to the story. Takemichi is the first to use the Time Leap Machine, but he is not the only one. There are other people with the same power, and they are the ones that Kisaki was talking about. Takemichi is the first because he is the only one who can use the machine without any consequences. Everyone else who tries to use it will be caught in a time loop and stuck at that moment forever.

    Kisaki Haircut

    Kisaki’s hair changes throughout the series, from black to blond highlights to brown highlights to blonde again. He cuts it very short in his teenage years with a shaved manji. As an adult, he has medium-length hair and light blonde highlights. He may wear gang clothing or suits.

    Also, he has many eye colors in the manga and anime versions of the character. As a child, his eyes are light; as an adult, they darken. His skin tone also changes over time, becoming pale during childhood but gradually becoming deeply tanned during his teenage years.

    Why Did Kisaki Call Takemichi Hero?

    When coming back to the future after the events of the Valhalla arc, kasaki executed chief uh right in front of takamichi kasaki told takamichi that he was disappointed but called him a hero while takamichi had no idea what he was talking about; it was something that Hina said to him years prior as a child kasaki.

    Kisaki witnessed Hinata being bullied and did nothing to help. Takemichi stepped in and ended the bullying, which led to Hinata falling for him. This causes Kisaki to view Takemichi negatively because he believes he stole Hinata’s love. For that reason, kasaki wanted to become the leader of japan’s crime world; he thought Hina would say yes to his proposal if he became the greatest leader.

    Tokyo Revengers Toman Members

    Tokyo Revengers Toman Members

    The Tokyo Manji Gang, also called Toman, is a biker gang based in Tokyo that is the focus of the Tokyo Revengers series. It was founded by five friends: Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, Baji, and Kazutora.

    The group is mostly involved in illegal activities such as drugs, gambling, and loan sharking. However, they sometimes help people in need, such as when they help a woman being harassed by a loan shark. The group is divided into two factions: the “Jackals,” the enforcers, and the “Bloodhounds,” who are in charge of gathering information.


    Why Did Kisaki Cry When He Shot Takemichi?

    Kisaki reveals in a later manga chapter that he loved Hinako before he died in a truck accident. Takemichi, who knew Kisaki’s feelings for Hinako, understood that Kisaki killed her because she rejected future encounters, and out of anger, Kisaki killed her every time.

    Kisaki also loved Hinako very much; this is shown when he gets emotional after watching Takemichi steal her heart in an early scene of the manga. Takemichi considered himself a delinquent then, so, according to Kisaki, Hinako fell in love with him because of his delinquent status. In this scene, as Kisaki cries tears of remorse for murdering his role model and the person who had the biggest impact on shaping him into a criminal, Takemichi looks up to him with respect and admiration.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you think of Kisaki?

    So, what do you think of Kisaki? Well, people seem to have mixed opinions about him. Some love his character for being calculating and dishonest, while others find him despicable. However, whatever your opinion of him may be, it’s clear that he is one of Tokyo Revengers’ main antagonists.


    In this blog, we have detailed the character background of the Tokyo Revengers villain – Kisaki. We explored his personality and why he was called a Takemichi hero. We also discussed Tokyo revengers toman members and why Kisaki cried when he shot takemichi. So Which Tokyo Revengers Character Are You? check our website!

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