Sebastian Michaelis Voice Actor English

    Sebastian Michaelis is a voice actor who has worked on a number of English-language projects. He is perhaps best known for his work as the voice of Levi in the popular anime series Attack on Titan. Michaelis has also lent his voice to characters in video games such as Final Fantasy XV and NieR: Automata.

    In addition to his work in anime and video games, he has also appeared in several live-action films and television shows.

    If you’re a fan of the anime Black Butler, then you know that Sebastian Michaelis is one of the most iconic characters. He’s known for his suave voice and sharp wit, and he’s also the perfect butler to Ciel Phantomhive. In the English dub of the anime, Sebastian is voiced by J. Michael Tatum, who does an amazing job of bringing this character to life.

    Tatum has been voicing Sebastian since 2008, and he’s done an incredible job with the character over the years. He brings both the charm and the danger that Sebastian embodies perfectly, and it’s always a treat to hear him in action. If you haven’t seen Black Butler yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.

    And be sure to listen for Tatum’s amazing performance as Sebastian Michaelis!

    Sebastian Michaelis Voice Actor English


    Who is the Sebastian Michaelis Voice Actor in English

    The English voice actor for Sebastian Michaelis is J. Michael Tatum. He is also the voice of Kyoya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club, Ryoji Kaji in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan.

    What Does Sebastian Michaelis Sound Like in English

    If you’re a fan of the anime Black Butler, then you’re probably wondering what Sebastian Michaelis sounds like in English. Unfortunately, there is no official English dub of the anime, so we can’t really know for sure. However, we can make some educated guesses based on the Japanese voice actor for Sebastian, Daisuke Ono.

    Ono has a very deep and smooth voice, which would likely be translated well into English. He also has a very clear enunciation, so we can imagine that Sebastian would sound pretty similar in English. Of course, this is all just speculation, but it’s fun to think about!

    How Did You Become the Sebastian Michaelis Voice Actor in English

    I became the Sebastian Michaelis voice actor in English after auditioning for the role and being selected by the show’s producers. I had previously worked as a voice actor on other anime shows, so I was familiar with the process and comfortable in the studio recording environment. The producers of Black Butler were looking for someone who could not only capture Sebastian’s smooth, debonair persona, but also convey his sly humor and devilish charm.

    After hearing my audition, they felt that I was the right fit for the role and offered me the part. Since then, it has been my pleasure to bring Sebastian to life for English-speaking audiences. It’s been a great challenge to find just the right balance of suave sophistication and mischievous wit in my performance, but it’s one that I’ve enjoyed immensely.

    2 Voice Actors – 1 Voice Prank Calls (Sebastian's Black Butler)


    Sebastian Michaelis is a versatile voice actor who has worked on a number of English-language anime productions. In this blog post, Michaelis discusses his approach to voicing the character of Sebastian in the popular anime series Black Butler. He notes that he tried to capture the essence of the character by studying the original Japanese performance and by drawing on his own experience as an actor.

    Michaelis also reflects on the challenges of voicing a demon character and shares some insights into the recording process.

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