The Mystery of the Purple Orca Captain: Solving the Riddle

    The Magic Knights are a group of warriors who serve the Clover Kingdom. A Wizard King leads each squad, and all squads follow his orders. Purple Orca is among the nine squads in the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights.

    Purple Orca Captains

    purple orcas captain

    Whos The Traitor In Black Clover?

    Marx Francois contacts the captains of the ship to reveal a traitor aboard. Catherine and George then inform the captains that Gueldre is the traitor.

    The captains thank Francois, Catherine, and George for the information and order to detain Gueldre. The captains then ask for the source of information, and Francois, Catherine, and George explain that they had been investigating Gueldre’s suspicious behavior and had evidence of his betrayal. The captains again thank them for the information and order Gueldre to be brought to the brig.

    Gueldre Black Clover

    Gueldre is a large, overweight man referred to as a ‘fat ham’ by the other Magic Knight Captains. He is also a former captain of the Diamond Kingdom’s Magic Knights, officially deputized for the Diamond Kingdom during the battle against the Spade Kingdom. He is a loyal follower of the Kingdom’s king and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the king and the Kingdom. He wields a giant hammer, which he can make grow in size. He is often seen flanking the king of Diamond’s side.

    Gueldre is a powerful user of water-based magic, and his weapon appears to be infused with water-based magic. He is also known for having several magic beast servants and using them in battle. Gueldre is a feared fighter owing to both his massive size and power. He is described as a very cruel individual, willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, something that many of his opponents have unfortunately been wise to. He usually wears a mask and used to wear his old uniform.

    Yami Sukehiro Shirtless

    Yami Sukehiro Shirtless

    Black Clover Symbol

    black clover symbol

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    Clock Theory Black Clover

    Throughout the Asta arc, it is clear that everyone loses and dies constantly. Lucius Zogratis keeps resetting time to grab Luciferos’s core, enabling him to achieve his plans. Once he obtains Luciferos’s core, time starts ticking again, and he will soon be able to achieve his goals.

    Once Asta Returns from his battle against the Eye of the Midnight Sun to Merlin’s dimension, he has just enough time to do a proper funeral for his fallen innocent before being attacked by the demon.

    Then, it is revealed that the demon possesses Rogue Cheney to fight against Asta. However, the demon is eventually exorcised by Nacht, which prompts Rogue to flee the scene.

    The fight against the demon proved fruitless as the demon managed to take back Lucifer’s core, and Lucius Zogratis reset time again. The entire arc concludes with everyone, including the protagonist, losing.

    Fire Magic Black Clover

    Fire Magic is an attribute that allows the user to generate and manipulate fire. Salamander is the spirit of fire magic, which can be summoned through a magical spell by invoking its name three times.

    Not much is known about the power of fire magic, but it is very versatile. It can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. It can be used to create powerful explosions, as well as to generate heat and light. There are also reports of users being able to control the element of fire, although it is still being determined if this is truly possible.

    Black Clover Fanfiction Asta Has Magic

    Asta is a man without a past or identity. He was born into royalty, but he lost everything when his kingdom was destroyed. Unfortunately, he was born without any magical ability. One day, Asta stumbles upon a rare five-leaf clover Grimoire that gives him the power of anti-magic. With this new power, Asta strives to become the Wizard King and protect the kingdom from the evil forces that wish to do it harm. Asta believes he’s the rightful magic king and will use his power to take back what’s rightfully his.

    Who Is The Wizard King After Julius?

    candidate for the title Wizard King

    William Vangeance has a strong relationship with Julius Caesar, which makes him an excellent candidate for the title of Wizard King. William is also admired and respected by his men, which limits the potential for violence. Vangeance is a careful man who takes notice of details. However, he might commit wrongful actions during his involvement in the elves’ arc.

    Is William Vangeance A Traitor?

    Unfortunately, William Vangeance was a traitor to the kingdom for sharing his body with an elven spirit. He felt so strongly about it that he didn’t care if it was against protocol or not- he just wanted to get rid of those with magic power.


    The squad’s badge is a creature from Japanese folklore with the shortened name of shachi. The name originates from an orcas species, also known as a killer. if you want to know about A Super Ability Villain from this series, go through our Jack the Ripper Black Clover article.

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