How Fast is Goku in Mph

    In Dragon Ball Z, Goku is often seen flying at high speeds and covering vast distances in a relatively short amount of time. While the show does not give an exact number for how fast Goku can fly, it is safe to say that he is capable of reaching at least Mach 10 (12,360 km/h or 7,673 mph). This would make him one of the fastest characters in the Dragon Ball universe, if not the fastest.

    Goku is one of the most popular anime characters of all time. He’s strong, he’s fast, and he always comes out on top in the end. But just how fast is Goku, really?

    Let’s take a look at some numbers and find out! According to the Dragon Ball Wiki, Goku has a top speed of Mach 20. That means that he can travel at 20 times the speed of sound!

    In terms of miles per hour, that works out to about 14,400 mph. That’s pretty darn fast! Of course, Goku isn’t always moving at his top speed.

    In fact, most of the time he’s probably moving much slower than that. But even when he’s not going all-out, he’s still incredibly speedy. For example, in one episode he was able to catch up to a speeding bullet train while carrying another person on his back!

    So there you have it: just how fast is Goku? Pretty darn fast!

    How Fast is Goku in Mph


    How Fast is Goku Ultra Instinct in Mph?

    In the Dragon Ball series, Goku is one of the few characters who can achieve the ultra instinct state. This form allows him to fight at speeds and reflexes far beyond what he is normally capable of. While it is difficult to directly compare his speed in this form to real world speeds, we can make some estimates based on what we see in the show.

    In the anime, when Goku first achieves ultra instinct, he is able to easily keep up with and eventually surpass Jiren, who is one of the strongest fighters in the multiverse. Based on this, we can assume that Goku’s speed in ultra instinct state is at least Mach 10 (7400 mph). However, it is likely that he is even faster than this, as he continues to get faster as he gets more accustomed to using ultra instinct.

    One way to gauge Goku’s true speed in ultra instinct state is by looking at how fast he moves his hands and feet while fighting. During his battle with Jiren, there are several instances where we see him moving his limbs so fast that they become a blur. Based on these observations, it has been estimated that Goku’s maximum speed while using ultra instinct could be around Mach 30 (22000 mph).

    Of course, these are just estimations based on what we see in the anime. It’s possible that Goku’s true speed while using ultra instinct could be even greater than what we have calculated. Regardless, there’s no doubt that Ultra Instinct makes Goku one of the fastest characters in all of fiction.

    How Fast is Goku at His Fastest?

    Goku is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe and he has demonstrated his speed on numerous occasions. In terms of pure speed, Goku is likely to be faster than almost any other character in the series. However, there are a few factors that need to be taken into account when determining just how fast Goku can go.

    One of the main things to consider is that Goku’s speed varies depending on his form. For example, when he first transforms into a Super Saiyan during the Frieza Saga, his speed greatly increases. Similarly, when he transforms into a Super Saiyan 3 during the Buu Saga, his speed once again skyrockets.

    So, it’s difficult to say exactly how fast Goku can go in terms of raw speed because it depends on which form he’s in at the time. However, we can get an idea of just how fast Goku can move by looking at some specific examples from the series. One such example is during the Frieza Saga when Goku uses his Instant Transmission technique to travel from planet Namek to Earth in order to save his friends and defeat Frieza once and for all.

    While we don’t know exactly how long it took him to make this journey, we do know that it would have taken light years using conventional methods of travel like spaceships. This means that Goku was moving at speeds far beyond what any normal human or alien could achieve using technology. Another example comes from the Cell Games arc when Gohan goes up against Perfect Cell.

    During their fight, Gohan charges up a powerful energy attack called the Kamehameha Wave while Cell charges up a similar attack called the Solar Flare Bombardment. Both fighters fire their attacks at virtually the same time and they both end up hitting each other head-on with devastating results. What’s interesting about this particular instance is that neither fighter was able move out of harms way before impact due to how fast they were moving – even though they both had plenty of time to react (it takes several seconds for each attack to fully charge).

    This shows us that both Gohan and Cell were moving at speeds where reaction times meant nothing – they were simply too fast for each other! So based on these examples, we can say with confidence that Goku is capable of moving at speeds far beyond what any normal human or alien could ever hope to achieve – even without taking into account his various transformation forms which further increase his already staggering speed levels!

    Who is Faster Flash Or Goku?

    Assuming you are asking who is faster between The Flash and Goku from Dragon Ball Z, the answer is The Flash. While both characters are incredibly fast, The Flash is on a whole other level when it comes to speed. The reason why The Flash is so much faster than Goku is because of the way their respective powers work.

    The Flash’s speed comes from his connection to the Speed Force, which gives him access to infinite speed. On the other hand, Goku’s speed is limited by how much ki he has available to him. As such, even though Goku can move at incredibly fast speeds, there’s always a limit to how fast he can go.

    In terms of raw speed, then, it’s clear that The Flash is far superior to Goku. However, it’s worth noting that Goku does have some other abilities that give him an edge in a fight against The Flash. For instance, Goku can fly using his ki energy, whereas The Flash cannot.

    Additionally, Goku can use his ki blasts to attack from a distance, whereas TheFlash would need to get up close and personal in order to land a punch. Overall, though, if we’re just looking at who is faster between these two characters, there’s no doubt that it’s The Flash.

    How Fast is Whis in Mph?

    Whis is an Angel from the Dragon Ball series who serves as the attendant and martial arts teacher of Goku. He is also one of the main protagonists in Dragon Ball Super. In the anime, Whis is shown to be capable of moving at very high speeds.

    For example, he was able to intercept a blast from Frieza while the latter was in his Golden Form. In terms of how fast he moves in miles per hour, we can only speculate. However, based on what we see in the anime, it is safe to say that Whis moves faster than the speed of sound.

    This means that he can travel at around 761 mph!

    Goku Shows How Fast He Really Is

    How Fast is Goku at Full Power

    When it comes to how fast Goku is at full power, there are a lot of factors to consider. For one, we have to take into account his top speed when he’s fighting. Secondly, we have to take into account the fact that he can move faster than the speed of light.

    And lastly, we have to factor in his reaction time, which is incredibly fast. In terms of top speed, Goku has been clocked at mach 10 during his fight with Frieza. However, this was only for a brief period of time and it’s likely that he can go even faster if he needed to.

    As for moving faster than the speed of light, that’s something that Goku has done on multiple occasions. In fact, he once used this technique to travel from one side of the universe to the other in a matter of seconds. As for reaction time, Goku has shown on numerous occasions that he can react almost instantaneously to things happening around him.

    This was most notably seen during his fight with Hit where he was able to dodge all of Hit’s attacks despite the fact that they were coming at him so fast that they appeared as blurs. So how fast is Goku at full power? It’s hard to say for sure but based on everything we know about him, it’s safe to say that he is incredibly fast and would be nearly impossible for anyone or anything to keep up with him.

    How Fast is Goku in Mastered Ultra Instinct

    In the anime series Dragon Ball, Goku is able to achieve a state of mind and body known as Mastered Ultra Instinct. In this state, he is able to move and react at speeds that are beyond human comprehension. While it is difficult to accurately measure the speed at which Goku moves in this state, there are some indications that he may be able to move at speeds close to or even exceeding the speed of light.

    Goku first achieved this state during his battle with Jiren, an immensely powerful fighter from another universe. During their fight, Goku was able to keep up with Jiren’s attacks and even land some hits of his own. This was despite the fact that Jiren was constantly trying to overwhelm him with sheer power and speed.

    After pushing himself to his limits, Goku was finally able to unlock the full potential of Mastered Ultra Instinct and emerged victorious. While we don’t know exactly how fast Goku can move in this state, it is clear that he is far faster than any other character in the Dragon Ball universe. Even characters like Whis and Beerus, who are incredibly fast themselves, seem slow in comparison to Goku when he’s using Mastered Ultra Instinct.

    So if you’re ever wondering just how fast our favorite Saiyan warrior can go, rest assured that it’s probably much faster than you could ever imagine!

    How Fast is Goku in Super Saiyan God

    Goku in Super Saiyan God is incredibly fast. He can move at speeds that are impossible for the human eye to follow and his reflexes are so fast that he can react to things before they even happen. In the anime, Goku has been seen dodging bullets, moving faster than the speed of light, and even catching up to enemies who have already started running away.

    His speed is so great that he was able to defeat Frieza, who is one of the fastest characters in the series.

    How Fast is Goku in Base Form

    When it comes to speed, Goku is one of the fastest characters in all of fiction. In his base form, he has been seen moving at speeds that are difficult for even the most trained eye to follow. While his top speed is never explicitly stated, there are several instances where we see him moving at what can only be described as incredibly fast speeds.

    One such instance is during his battle with Frieza on Namek. During their fight, Frieza was consistently surprised by how quick Goku was able to move and react to his attacks. At one point, Frieza even comments that he wasn’t sure if Goku was reading his mind or just moving too fast for him to see.

    Another example of Goku’s insane speed occurs during his fight with Perfect Cell. During their battle,Cell launches a huge energy attack towards Goku which he narrowly dodges. What’s impressive about this feat is that not only does he manage to avoid the attack completely, but he also manages to get behind Cell before the latter can even react!

    So how fast is Goku in base form? It’s hard to say for sure, but based on the feats we’ve seen him accomplish, it’s safe to say that he moves at speeds that are well beyond what any human could ever hope to achieve.


    In the blog post, the author discusses how fast Goku is in mph. The author states that according to the show, Goku can run at speeds of up to 700 mph. However, the author notes that this speed has never been officially confirmed and is only an estimation.

    The author goes on to discuss how this speed compares to other characters in the show, as well as real-world athletes. In conclusion, the author argues that while Goku’s speed is impressive, it is likely not accurate to assume that he can run at 700 mph.

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