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    Hisoka Morow is a popular character from the anime series Hunter x Hunter, and fans were thrilled when it was announced that he would be getting an English voice actor. Christopher R. Sabat has taken on the role of Hisoka, and he does an excellent job of bringing this complex character to life. From his charming yet dangerous persona to his unique fighting style, Hisoka is a memorable addition to the show.

    We all know and love Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter, but did you know that he was voiced by an English actor? That’s right,Hisoka is voiced by none other than Ian Sinclair! Ian has been voice acting for years and has had some great roles, including Brook in One Piece and Whis in Dragon Ball Super.

    He’s definitely got the range to pull off a character like Hisoka. What do you think of Ian as Hisoka? Do you think he does a good job?

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    Hisoka Voice Actor English


    Who is the English Voice Actor for Hisoka

    Hisoka is a member of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous group of thieves with highly unique skills. He is one of the most powerful members of the group and is known for his great love of fighting and gambling. Hisoka’s voice actor in the English version of the anime is Andrew Chandler.

    What Other Anime Has the English Voice Actor for Hisoka Been in

    If you’re a fan of the anime Hunter x Hunter, then you’re probably familiar with the voice of Hisoka. While Hisoka is certainly one of the more unique characters in the show, did you know that he shares his English voice actor with several other well-known anime characters? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the other anime roles that have been played by Hisoka’s English voice actor, Crispin Freeman.

    One of the most famous roles that Crispin Freeman has voiced is that of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. This is definitely one of his most iconic roles and it’s easy to see why; Edward Elric is an incredibly complex character and Crispin Freeman does an amazing job bringing him to life. If you’re a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, then you should definitely check out some of Crispin Freeman’s other work!

    Another great anime series that features Crispin Freeman as a main character is Durarara!!. In this series, he voices Shizuo Heiwajima; a tough and often violent man who works as an unlicensed bodyguard.

    While Shizuo may not be as morally upright as Edward Elric, he’s still a fascinating character and it’s always interesting to see how he deals with the various challenges thrown his way. If you’re looking for an action-packed anime series with great characters, then Durarara!! is definitely worth checking out.

    Finally, we have Tokyo Ghoul; another popular anime series that features Crispin Freeman in a leading role. In Tokyo Ghoul, he voices Kaneki Ken; a young man who finds himself turned into a half-ghoul after being attacked by one. As Kaneki tries to adapt to his new life and find out more about ghouls, he quickly discovers that the world isn’t quite as simple as he thought it was.

    Tokyo Ghoul is dark and gritty compared to some of the other shows on this list but it’s definitely worth watching if you’re looking for something different. So there you have it; three great anime series that all feature Crispin Freeman in a leading role. Whether you’re looking for action, drama or something else entirely, these three shows are sure to please.

    So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check them out today!

    How Did the English Voice Actor for Hisoka Get Cast in This Role

    The English voice actor for Hisoka, Christopher Sabat, is a veteran in the anime industry. He’s been cast in numerous roles over the years, but Hisoka is definitely one of his most iconic. So how did he land the role?

    Turns out, it was actually quite simple. The producers of Hunter x Hunter reached out to him directly and offered him the role. And after reading the script and seeing the character designs, he immediately said yes.

    It’s clear that Sabat was perfect for the role of Hisoka. He brings an incredible amount of energy and charisma to the character that really makes him stand out. Not to mention, his deep understanding of the source material ensures that he always stays true to Hisoka’s complex personality.



    This blog post is about the English voice actor for Hisoka, a character in the anime series Hunter x Hunter. The author discusses how they believe that the voice actor did a good job with the character and how they think that Hisoka is one of the best characters in the show.

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