Going Merry Ship

    The Going Merry was the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates during the first part of the series. It is a small, fast ship designed for piracy and smuggling. It was originally owned by Captain Shanks, who gave it to Luffy.

    The Going Merry was named after Shanks’ pet rabbit, Merry. The ship is filled with hidden compartments and tricks that only its crew knows about. TheGoing Merry served the Straw Hat Pirates well during their adventures in East Blue and Baroque Works.

    However, it was not built for ocean travel and began to fall apart as they journeyed into the Grand Line. Despite this, the crew refused to get rid of it until they found a suitable replacement. In Water 7, Franky built them a new ship called the Thousand Sunny which they christened with champagne brought all the way from Reverse Mountain.

    The Going Merry was the ship used by the Straw Hat Pirates during the first part of the East Blue Saga. The ship was originally owned by Shirahoshi and later given to the Straw Hats by Joy Boy. It had many unique features such as a figurehead in the shape of a dragon, an open-air kitchen, and a living room.

    It was also very small for a pirate ship, being only about 30 feet long. Despite its size, it was able to hold all nine members of the crew plus Chopper and Robin. The ship was named after Merry, one of Nami’s childhood friends.

    The Going Merry served the Straw Hats well during their adventures in East Blue. It helped them get through some tough situations, including battling against Arlong and rescuing Sanji from Baratie. However, the ship eventually reached its limit and started falling apart.

    After much discussion, the crew decided that it would be best to leave the Going Merry behind and find a new ship. They held a farewell party for their beloved vessel before setting it adrift on an iceberg. Although it’s no longer with them, the Going Merry will always hold a special place in the hearts of the Straw Hat Pirates.

    Going Merry Ship


    Is the Going Merry a Real Ship?

    Yes, the Going Merry is a real ship. It was originally built as a fishing vessel in China and later used as a pirate ship by the Straw Hat Pirates. After being severely damaged during the Battle of Marineford, it was abandoned and replaced by the Thousand Sunny.

    Why is the Ship Called Going Merry?

    The Going Merry was the ship used by the Straw Hat Pirates during the first half of the Grand Line. TheGoing Merry had a jolly Roger on her sail and was black and white in coloration. She was built sometime between late 22 years ago and early 21 years ago.

    The Going Merry was captured by Marine Captain Nezumi during his escape from Impel Down. He took her as his own ship and after Luffy defeated him, he returned her to the Straw Hats. During the Baratie Arc, Sanji made several modifications to Going Merry which increased her speed, durability, and weaponry; these included installing a ram on her bow and adding cannons below decks.

    After the Arlong Park Arc, Nami left temporarily to get a new log pose set up for navigational purposes since Arlong ate hers (it is currently unknown what happened to Going Merry’s old log pose). While she was gone, Usopp joined as sniper/marksman of the crew while Chopper became their doctor (although Nami did teach him some basics before she left). At some point after this Zoro also obtained a new sword that he kept stored away with his other ones in going merry’s storage area under one of the beds.

    . After they had all gathered back at Loguetown, they collected various bounties placed on them there before setting off again..

    When they arrived at Whisky Peak, going merry was shot full of holes by Mr. 5’s bombs despite Usopp’s best efforts to protect her; however because everyone aboard had been knocked unconscious due to drugged booze served earlier by Miss Valentine , no one except Usopp noticed until much later when they woke up in an abandoned town.. Upon inspection it appeared that only critical systems were hit so Chopper managed to patch most of them up well enough for travel but due to all hands being needed elsewhere going merry couldn’t be repaired properly until after Alabasta.

    . Even with Chopper working around the clock though he could only do so much so Zoro ended up having to push going merry through most of raindinneresque bad weather conditions while everyone else fought off attacking pirates or Marines..

    Despite everything they went through together including losing Robin at Thriller Bark , going Merry remained afloat until arriving at Fishman Island where Jimbei offered to tow them into port using Sea Kings ..

    What Ship Replaced the Going Merry?

    The Going Merry was the first ship of the Strawhat Pirates, and it served them well for many years. However, after the Battle of Marineford, the ship was severely damaged and had to be replaced. The new ship is called the Thousand Sunny.

    The Thousand Sunny is a much larger and more powerful ship than the Going Merry. It has two masts instead of one, and is outfitted with a number of advanced features, such as a kitchen, infirmary, and library. It also has a figurehead in the form of a lion-like creature called Sogeking.

    The Strawhats have been very happy with their new ship, and it has served them well on their adventures around the New World.

    Is It Called Merry Go Or Going Merry?

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    Going Merry exceed its limits & Rescue Straw Hat Pirates | One Piece

    Thousand Sunny

    One Piece’s Thousand Sunny is the pirate ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, captained by Monkey D. Luffy. It is a brig sloop that was originally built by Franky and Iceburg. It succeeded the Going Merry, which was destroyed in battle.

    Unlike its predecessor, the Thousand Sunny has a figurehead in the form of a lion.[1] The stern has “THOUSAND SUNNY” written on it in black letters.[2]

    The Thousand Sunny is an incredibly sturdy vessel, as it was able to withstand several attacks from Bartholomew Kuma that would have otherwise sunk most ships. It is also quite fast, being capable of keeping up with Marine warships.[3] In addition, due to its large size, it can carry much more cargo than the average ship its size.

    The ship is outfitted with various forms of weaponry and defenses. These include cannons (both regular and powerful “Gaon Canons”),[4] Gatling guns,[5] missile launchers,[6][7] traps,[8] and even a kitchen knife for cutting meat (which was used to cut down a giant squid).[9][10][11] For close-quarters combat, there are also swords stored on board.[12][13]

    The crew makes use of all these weapons against both other pirates and Marines alike. In terms of living quarters, the Thousand Sunny has separate men’s and women’s baths (with each having two shower heads),[14][15], main cabins for everyone except Usopp (who has his own crow’s nest) ,[16], a guest room ,[17], storage rooms ,[18], a kitchen ,[19], sick bay ,[20], and an infirmary . [21].

    All these rooms are located below deck except for Usopp’s crow’s nest.”[22]” The entire interior design was created by Nami.

    [23]” The Straw Hats obtained the Thousand Sunny after defeating Gecko Moria at Thriller Bark and took ownership of her from him.[24]” They then set sail towards Fishman Island but were intercepted by Admiral Kizaru who attacked them near Sabaody Archipelago.” After this failed attempt to capture them,” Kizaru left them be.” Upon arriving at Sabaody,” they were met with Keimi who had been looking for them.” She led them to Rayleigh so he could modify their ship.

    Thousand Sunny Ship

    The Thousand Sunny is the ship used by the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. It was built after their previous ship, the Going Merry, was destroyed. The Thousand Sunny is a brig sloop type ship designed and built by Franky.

    The Thousand Sunny is one of the largest ships seen so far in the series, measuring 84 meters from bow to stern. It has three masts and is equipped with a large figurehead in the shape of a lion head. The main deck consists of two levels with several rooms including a kitchen, living quarters for the crew, and storage for supplies.

    There are also two crow’s nests on top of the masts where lookouts can keep watch for danger. The ship is powered by a special “sorcery engine” that runs on coal and utilizes wind power when sailing. This gives the Thousand Sunny great speed and maneuverability despite its size.

    In addition to its normal sails, the ship also has an auxiliary sail known as the Coup de Burst which can be used to make short bursts of extreme speed. The Thousand Sunny is also equipped with various weapons and defenses including cannons, traps, and secret passageways. Overall, it is a well-rounded ship that allows its crew to take on whatever challenges come their way!

    Going Merry One Piece

    If you’re a fan of the anime/manga One Piece, then you’re probably familiar with the ship Going Merry. For those who don’t know, Going Merry was the ship that Strawhat Pirates sailed on during the first half of the series. It was a small ship, but it served the crew well and became like a home to them.

    Sadly, Going Merry was not meant to last forever. In the Enies Lobby arc, the ship was badly damaged and had to be abandoned. The crew was heartbroken, but they knew that they had to move on.

    Nowadays, Going Merry is nothing more than a memory for the Strawhats. But even though it’s gone, it will always have a special place in their hearts.

    Going Merry Death

    When Going Merry was first introduced, her death was not originally planned. However, after the Arlong Park arc, it became increasingly clear that the ship would have to be sacrificed in order for the Straw Hat Pirates to move forward. Going Merry’s death occurred during the Water 7 arc.

    The crew had just finished battling with Franky and Robin against CP9. They were then caught in a three-way fight between the Galley-La Company, Marine Headquarters, andCP9. As a result of the battle, Going Merry took heavy damage and eventually sank while everyone was distracted.

    Although she was only a ship, Going Merry meant a great deal to the Straw Hats. She was their first real ship and had been with them through many adventures. Even though they got a new ship (the Thousand Sunny) soon after her death, they all still mourned her loss.


    Going Merry was the ship used by the Straw Hat Pirates during the first half of One Piece. It was a small, wooden sloop-of-war type ship that was armed with two cannons. The Going Merry had room for five crew members and was also equipped with a kitchen and storage rooms below deck.

    The Straw Hats christened her after their captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

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