Fire Force English Voice Actors

    When it comes to voice acting, there are few anime that can match the English voice cast of Fire Force. The main characters are all brought to life with fantastic performances that really bring out the best in each of them. From the hot-headed Shinra to the stoic Captain Burns, every member of Special Fire Force Company 8 feels like a real person.

    It’s not just the main characters who shine, either. The supporting cast is also full of memorable performances. Take for example Tamaki Kotatsu, one of the newest members of Company 8.

    Her voice actress, Erika Harlacher, does an amazing job conveying her wide range of emotions; from happiness and excitement to sadness and fear. tamaki is easily one of the most likable characters in the series thanks in no small part to Erika’s performance.

    The English voice cast for Fire Force was recently announced, and fans are already talking about who they’re most excited to hear. The cast includes some big names like Johnny Yong Bosch, Crispin Freeman, and Steve Blum. Fire Force is set in a world where people spontaneously combust and turn into living bombs.

    The story follows the special Fire Force unit that’s tasked with putting out the fires and saving the lives of those affected. With such an action-packed story, it’s no surprise that the voice cast is full of talented actors who can bring the characters to life. We can’t wait to see how they perform when the show premieres later this year.

    Fire Force English Voice Actors


    -Who are the English Voice Actors for the Characters in Fire Force

    Who are the English voice actors for the characters in Fire Force? The English voice cast for the characters in Fire Force has been revealed! The cast includes:

    -Gakuto Mikumo as Shinra Kusakabe -Kaito Ishikawa as Arthur Boyle -Saeko Kamijou as Tamaki Kotatsu

    -Kenyuu Horiuchi as Captain Obninsk -Aoi Yūki as Maki Oze The anime series “Fire Force” is set in a world where people spontaneously combust and turn into living infernos called “Conflagrations.”

    These Conflagrations are investigated by special fire brigades, which include the eponymous 8th Company of Tokyo’s Special Fire Defense Agency. The show follows Shinra Kusakabe, a young man with the power to create flames, who joins the 8th Company in order to find out the truth behind his mother’s death, which he believes was caused by a Conflagration.

    Fire Force Characters Voice Actors (English Dub)


    The Fire Force English voice actors have been announced and they are: Shinra Kusakabe – Johnny Yong Bosch Arthur Boyle – Gakuto Kajiwara

    Captain Obi – Zach Aguilar Maki Oze – Erica Mendez

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