Erwin English Voice Actor

    Erwin, the English voice actor, was born on October 11, 1968 in Los Angeles County, California. Erwin’s father was an actor and his mother a voice actress. As a child he wanted to be either an astronaut or a race car driver when he grew up.

    He started out as a background actor and then got into stand-up comedy. After doing some community theater he decided to pursue acting full time. In 1994 he got his first big break when he was cast as the lead in the film “The Mask”.

    J Michael Tatum does a little bit of Erwin's speech at Abq Comic Con

    We all know and love Erwin from Attack on Titan, but did you know that he’s also an accomplished English voice actor? In addition to his work on AoT, he’s also done voices for several other anime series, video games, and movies. Erwin is one of those rare voice actors who can really bring a character to life.

    He has a great range and can do both serious and comedic voices with ease. If you’re looking for a talented English voice actor, then Erwin is definitely someone to consider.

    J Michael Tatum

    I have been a fan of J Michael Tatum since I first heard him on the anime show Ouran High School Host Club. His voice is so distinctive and he has a great range. He can play both serious and comedic roles, which is why I think he’s such a successful voice actor.

    Some of my other favorite shows that he’s been in are Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, and Death Note. He always brings something special to each character he voices and I’m always excited to see what he’ll do next.

    J Michael Tatum Voices

    If you’re a fan of anime, then you’ve probably heard the voice of J Michael Tatum. He’s lent his talents to some of the most popular shows out there, including Attack on Titan, Death Note, and Ouran High School Host Club. Tatum is originally from Texas and got his start in voice acting when he was just a teenager.

    Since then, he’s gone on to have an impressive career in both anime and video games. Some of his most notable roles include Ryoji Kaji in Evangelion, Kyoya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club, and Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler. No matter what role he’s playing, Tatum always brings something unique to the table.

    His deep, smooth voice is instantly recognizable and always leaves a lasting impression. If you’re looking for someone to add a touch of class to your next project, look no further than J Michael Tatum!

    J Michael Tatum – Imdb

    Michael Tatum is an American voice actor, ADR director and scriptwriter who works for Funimation and Sentai Filmworks. He has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime series and video games. Tatum’s first major role in anime was Kyoya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club.

    Since then, he has gone on to provide voices for a number of leading characters in popular shows such as Soul Eater (Death the Kid), Elfen Lied (Kouta), Black Butler (Sebastian Michaelis), Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (Haruka Nanase) and Tokyo Ghoul (Ken Kaneki). He has also worked on several video games, including Borderlands 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

    In addition to his voice work, Tatum is also a skilled ADR director. He has directed episodes of Ouran High School Host Club, Elfen Lied, Black Butler and Free! Iwatobi Swim Club.

    He has also written scripts for Ouran High School Host Club, Elfen Lied and Black Butler. Tatum is a highly talented voice actor with a wide range of skills that make him perfect for any role he takes on. His extensive experience in both dubbing and directing gives him the ability to bring any character to life perfectly.

    If you’re looking for someone who can give your favorite anime or video game character the perfect voice, look no further than J Michael Tatum!

    Rei Free English Voice Actor

    Rei is a free English voice actor who has worked on numerous projects, both commercial and independent. He has been involved in the voice acting community for over 10 years and has lent his voice to many characters over the course of his career. Some of his most notable roles include Leo in Fire Emblem: Awakening, Gaius in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Joker in Persona 5.

    Rei is also a proficient singer and has performed songs for several anime series, including Naruto Shippuden and Attack on Titan. In addition to his work as a voice actor, Rei is also an accomplished scriptwriter and director. He has written scripts for several popular fan-dubs, such as Fairy Tail and My Hero Academia.

    Sebastian Michaelis Voice Actor English

    Sebastian Michaelis is a demon butler who serves Ciel Phantomhive, the young head of the Phantomhive noble family. Sebastian is very loyal to his master and will do anything Ciel asks of him, even if it means killing people. He seems to enjoy his work and takes great pride in carrying out his orders flawlessly.

    Sebastian’s voice actor in the English dub is J. Michael Tatum. Tatum is an American voice actor who has worked on a number of anime series. He is known for his deep, smooth voice, which makes him a perfect fit for Sebastian’s character.

    Erwin English Voice Actor


    Did Erwin’S Voice Stop Watching Aot?

    There are conflicting reports about whether or not Erwin’s voice stopped watching AOT. Some fans say that his voice continued to watch the show after he died, while others claim that it stopped. It’s difficult to know for sure what happened, but it’s possible that Erwin’s voice continued to watch AOT after he died.

    Who Does J Michael Tatum’S Voice?

    For those who are unaware, J Michael Tatum is a voice actor who has worked on a number of popular anime series. Some of his most notable roles include Ryoji Kaji in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Kyoya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club, and Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan. He’s also done voices for video games such as Borderlands 2 and League of Legends.

    Now onto the question at hand: who does J Michael Tatum’s voice? The answer is that it depends. While he does have a very distinct and recognizable voice, he’s able to do a wide range of voices and accents.

    For example, in Ouran High School Host Club he speaks with a very posh and proper British accent, while in Attack on Titan he has a more gruff and rough German accent. So it really just depends on the role he’s playing. But no matter what role he’s doing, one thing is for sure: J Michael Tatum is one of the most talented and versatile voice actors out there today.

    If you’re ever watching an anime or playing a video game and you hear a voice that you can’t quite place but you know sounds familiar, chances are it’s J Michael Tatum.

    Who Voiced Sebastian from Black Butler?

    Sebastian Michaelis is a demon butler who serves Ciel Phantomhive, the thirteen-year-old head of the Phantomhive noble family and its toy company, Funtom Corporation. He is voiced by Daisuke Ono in the Japanese anime adaptation and by Brina Palencia in the English dub. In the Black Butler manga and anime series, Sebastian is an extremely powerful demon summoned by Ciel to serve him in exchange for his soul.

    Sebastian is very loyal to Ciel and does everything in his power to fulfill his master’s orders, even if it means committing murder. He always refers to Ciel as “my lord” or “master” and often teases him playfully. Despite being a demon, Sebastian takes pride in his work as a butler and genuinely enjoys serving Ciel.

    He also has a great sense of taste and smell, which he uses to prepare meals for his master or choose wine pairings. Sebastian is typically portrayed as calm and collected, even in the face of danger. He rarely shows emotion unless he is around Ciel or other members of the Phantomhive household, such as Mey-Rin or Bardroy.

    However, there are moments when Sebastian has been shown to lose his composure, such as when he was unintentionally insulted by Grell Sutcliff or when he was forced to eat food that had been poisoned by Lau.

    Who Voices Fuegoleon in Black Clover?

    In the Black Clover anime, Fuegoleon is voiced by Yūki Kaji. He’s a talented young man who aspires to be the Wizard King, and is one of the members of the Black Bulls. He’s diligent and takes his duties seriously, but can also be reckless at times.

    Despite this, he’s a powerful wizard who uses fire magic.


    Erwin, an English voice actor, was born in England and raised in France. After studying theater and film at the University of London, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a professional actor. Erwin has worked on numerous animation and video game projects, including “Adventure Time,” “Borderlands 2” and “LEGO Dimensions.”

    He is also a member of the award-winning improv group The Groundlings. In addition to his work as a voice actor, Erwin is also a writer and director. His short film “Piggy” won Best Short at the 2013 LA Comedy Fest.

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