A Picture of Nezuko: One Of The Most Powerful character From Demon Slayer

    Nezuko Kamado is a young girl with tan skin and long, black hair. She has large red eyes and sharp teeth. Nezuko always wears a traditional red kimono with white flowers printed on it. In this blog, We will talk about Nezuko, and you will be able to portray a picture of Nezuko in your mind. We’ll look at some of Nezuko’s best moments from the anime and see why she’s such a beloved character.

    On her back is a large, round scar where she was bitten by the demon that turned her into a demon herself.

    She’s also known for her cute appearance and fierce loyalty to her brother, Tanjiro. Nezuko is often seen as a symbol of hope and courage, inspiring many fans with her strength and determination.

    A Picture of Nezuko


    Who is Nezuko in Love With?

    Nezuko is in love with Tanjirou Kamado. They first met when Nezuko was turned into a demon, and Tanjirou was trying to find a way to turn her back. He protected her from other demons and helped her learn how to control her hunger for human flesh.

    Over time, they grew close, and Nezuko fell in love with him. In the anime, it is implied that their feelings are mutual.

    Why Does Nezuko Cover Her Mouth?

    Nezuko is a kind-hearted and soft-spoken young woman who often covers her mouth when she speaks. It’s a quirk that she’s had since childhood, and it’s something that her loved ones find endearing. There are a few theories as to why Nezuko covers her mouth.

    One theory is that Nezuko is self-conscious about her teeth. She may have crooked or yellowed teeth, and covering her mouth helps to hide them. Another theory is that Nezuko has sensitive gums and doesn’t want to irritate them by talking too much.

    It’s also possible that Nezuko feels more comfortable speaking with her hand over her mouth. Whatever the reason, Nezuko’s habit of covering her mouth is one of the things that make her unique and special. Her loved ones wouldn’t want her to change it for anything in the world!

    How Old is Nezuko?

    Nezuko is a young woman who appears to be in her early twenties. However, her exact age is unknown. Nezuko was born and raised in the Kamado family, a wealthy and powerful clan in Japan.

    Her father was the head of the family and a highly respected swordsman. Her mother, Kiyo, was a kind and gentle woman who loved her children dearly. The Kamado family lived peacefully until the night that everything changed. On that fateful evening, demons attacked Nezuko’s village and slaughtered everyone she loved. Nezuko herself was turned into a demon but somehow managed to retain her human mind.

    When Tanjiro found his little sister amidst the carnage, he swore to protect her and find a way to turn her back into a human again. And so began Tanjiro’s journey to become the strongest demon slayer in history and save his beloved sister from the monster she had become. Along the way, he picked up some unlikely allies: Zenitsu Agatsuma, an cowardly boy with incredible hearing; Inosuke Hashibira, a hotheaded wildling who only knows how to fight with his bare hands; and finally Giyu Tomioka, the Water Hashira whose cold exterior belies his strong sense of justice.

    Why Does Nezuko Stop Talking?

    Nezuko Kamado is a demon turned into a human by Tanjiro Kamado. However, after being turned back into a demon, Nezuko stopped talking. The reason for this is unknown, but it could be because she is trying to keep her human side hidden from the other demons.

    It could also be because she doesn’t want to reveal her true identity to Tanjiro and the others.

    How to draw Nezuko

    Pictures of Nezuko And Zenitsu

    If you are a fan of the anime series Demon Slayer, then you are probably familiar with the characters Nezuko and Zenitsu. These two characters have a special bond evident in the pictures taken of them together. Zenitsu is always shown with a look of admiration on his face when he is looking at Nezuko.

    This is because she is the only one who has shown him kindness. Demons raised him, so he never had any contact with humans until he met Nezuko. Nezuko is always shown protectively standing next to Zenitsu or holding him close.

    This is because she knows how much he struggles to deal with his demon side and wants to ensure he is safe. The pictures of these two characters show the strong bond that they share. It is clear that they care deeply for each other and would do anything to keep each other safe.

    Nezuko Age

    After being turned into a demon, she has shown great strength and resilience, quickly adapting to her new form. Despite this, Nezuko remains kind-hearted and cares deeply for her family, even in her demon form.

    At just 15 years old, Nezuko is still very young, even by human standards. However, she has aged significantly since being turned into a demon. Her physical appearance has changed dramatically, with her once long hair now being short and wild.

    She also has sharp teeth and red eyes that glow when angry or excited. Nezuko’s age is difficult to determine as she does not age as humans do. However, she is estimated to be around 20 years old in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba canon.

    This would make her 18 years old in the manga timeline (as the story takes place over two years).


    Nezuko is a character from the popular anime Demon Slayer. She is a kind and caring sister who always looks out for her younger brother, Tanjiro. Nezuko is also incredibly strong, despite her small stature.

    She can transform into a demon herself, but she chooses to fight against her demonic nature to protect those she loves.

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